Jeanette Arnaout Training

Training and Rehabilitation

Training & Problem Solving:
Start Them Right or Fix Them Later

Full time training includes 5 days a week of riding and/or
ground work, depending on the animals ability and
progression. Partial training is on a 3 times per week
schedule. JAT understands that different owners have
different situations. We are very flexible and and can design a
custom program that can fit both your schedule and your
budget. Please ask us to design a custom program suitable for
your goals.

Retraining problem or difficult horses is our speciatly! We
combine gentle, confidence building methods with a thorough
exam of the animal to determine if a physical problem is the
root cause of the behavior. We have numerous success stories
with a variety of breeds and riding styles, including Western
and Trail riding. Just ask to hear about some of our training
and rehabilitation successes.

Call now for a custom program to fit your horse's needs and your goals!

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