Jeanette Arnaout Training

Lesson Program

Lessons & Match Making - The Right Combination

Jeanette Arnaout training offers an affordable, safe

environment for either learning the basics or refining

your skills.  Clients are matched with horses that are,

not only suitable for their skill level, but are also

suited to their personality.


JAT believes that not every horse is suitable for

every rider.  Students get the most from their riding

experience by having an equine partner they, not only

trust but also enjoy.


With a large selection of schooling horses and ponies,

we're confident we can match you with the right

partner.  Some of our matches have been so

successful that the lesson horse was purchased by the

student.  In these special circumstances, on occasion,

a lesson horses is available for sale.


Showing is encouraged and available, but not

mandatory. It is left up to the individual rider. We

have students that are competitive and love to show

and others that just want to ride for pleasure.  JAT

welcomes both competitive and just-for-fun riders.